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Tips for caring for your new caned chair:
Care and placement are critical. Avoid keeping your caned chairs or settees in direct sunlight, or nearby a heat source such as a radiator or heat vent. Dry air causes the cane to become brittle.
Do not varnish or lacquer cane or reed if you donít need to match an existing set. It doesnít allow the material to breathe in the humidity in the air that it needs to keep it flexible.
Cane will mellow, or become more brownish, with age. You can try to age the color of the cane by rubbing with steeped teabags.
Normal lifespan for a caned seat is 10-15 years, depending on environment and use. You can help extend the life of your caned seat by periodically placing a damp towel or misting the area. Let cane dry completely before using however.
Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, do not use a cushion on top of a caned seat. The weight of your body will not be distributed as well and weaved seat will be subjected to more stress.