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Over twenty-five years ago Diane Wagner decided to turn her passion for caning into a thriving cottage business returning thousands of chairs to their original beauty by reweaving their seats.  Whether it's hand caning, pressed cane, french cane, flat or round reed, or any of the three type of rush
seats Diane can restore your treasure into a functional piece of furniture for a fraction of what you could purchase a new chair for now-a-days.

Many have asked Diane where her passion for caning comes from?  It is sort of in her blood, as her father Robert used to say... That is because
                  the Schober family has a rich history of weaving with raw materials and creating handmade masterpieces of baskets, willow and caned furniture.  In 1890 Diane's great-grandfather, William and his brother Karl Schober immigrated to Philadelphia where they
founded one of the country's oldest basket weaving shops, Charles Schober, Co.  Later William Schober moved to Monroeville, NJ (Gloucester County) to farm and supply the business with raw materials.  Diane says, "I like to think my Great-Grandfather looks upon the                  
                     thousands of chairs that I have done over the years, and says Job Well Done!".  She hopes to one day pass her skills onto her son, Tristan Wagner.  "There aren't a lot of chair caners left these days" she states. "It would be a shame for this art form not to be carried onto the next generation."